Get Out of the Boat

Jesus on the waterMatthew 14:29, And he (Jesus) said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

You have to love Peter! He was just about always the first one to speak and the first one to act. Unfortunately, at times, his impetuousness got him in trouble. In spite of this, Peter was a man who loved Jesus and Peter was a man of great faith, as this story clearly reveals.

The disciples see someone walking on the water. It’s Jesus, but at first they don’t know it’s him. Once they find out that it’s Jesus, Peter says “bid me come unto thee on the water.” Now really Peter, what are you thinking? In this one request of Peter, we see his love for Jesus and his faith that Jesus could make anything happen. Remember, Peter didn’t necessarily want to walk on the water, he simply wanted to be where Jesus was.

Great lesson there for us. That should be our heart’s desire!

There are so many lessons that can be pulled from this story, but today’s reflection is simply this: If we want to walk on the water (do something big for God) and if we want to be where Jesus is, we are going to have to get out of the boat, and if we do so, we will probably do it alone. Don’t be expecting others to leave the comfort and safety of the boat to take a chance of walking on the water, even if Jesus has bid you to come!

Put yourself in Peter’s place for a moment. Jesus is inviting you to go on the adventure of your life (walking on the water). Yet, if you are like everyone else, you’re scared to death. What would you do? Would you choose the water or the boat? The boat is safe, secure, and comfortable. On the other hand, the water is rough and a bit risky. The waves are high. The wind is strong. There’s a storm out there. And if you get out of the boat—whatever your boat might happen to be—there’s a good chance you might sink.

When Jesus says come we need to step out on faith even if it means stepping out of a comfortable, safe and secure boat!

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