They are Looking and Listening

Paul writing timothy2 Timothy 3:10-11, But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience, persecutions, afflictions …

Paul, while sitting in a prison cell, is writing to his young preacher boy – a young man God had used Paul, along with others, of course, to influence. Paul writes to him, in today’s vernacular, “Timothy, you know me. You know what I teach. You know how I have lived.”

This is a great reminder for all of us. God brings people into all of our lives. Men, women, and young people who are listening to what we teach/preach, what we say (in non-teaching/preaching settings), and above that, they are watching how we live. Here’s the question:

  • What do they hear?
  • What do they see?

In Paul, Timothy saw a man who faithfully lived a life of purpose. He saw a man who not only lived a life of purpose, but a man who lived life on purpose. Timothy saw in Paul’s life a great faith, longsuffering, charity (love), patience, and a man who endured persecutions and afflictions with a Christlike spirit.

Whether in America, or on the mission field, we all have folks who are looking at, and listening to us. We have people who we are influencing for the good or the bad. We have family, friends, fellow-laborers, and others who, if we will live right, love right, and lead right, God will use who we are and what we say to help them become the man or woman He intends them to become!

Just taking a moment to reflect!

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