“I Have No Man!”

Pool of Bet“In these lay A GREAT MULTITUDE OF IMPOTENT FOLK, of blind, halt, withered, waiting for the moving of water. … The IMPOTENT MAN answered him (Jesus), Sir, I HAVE NO MAN …” (John 5:3, 7).

You have to wonder how it would feel to be this man. We don’t know exactly what his infirmity was, but we do know he had been ill for 38 years. We also know that he was surrounded by the blind, the halt (crippled), and the withered (paralyzed), which leads me to believe he was probably one of the three, if not a combination of two or more of them. He surely longed to be healed. He desired to be made whole. That’s why he was by the pool known as Bethesda. The word “impotent,” which is found in both John 5:3 and 5:7 means “without strength and powerless.” This is a perfect picture of men who are lost without Christ! This man, when asked, by Jesus, “Wilt thou be made whole,” immediately replies with, “Sir, I have no man.” How sad and sobering are these words?

While reading these words this morning, I couldn’t help but think of the GREAT MULTITUDE of people who are without power, and without hope, who live in the 1040 Window.

The words, “I HAVE NO MAN” still ring today, but not necessarily not from Bethesda’s pool. If we listen carefully we can hear the cries of the powerless and hopeless from Northern Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and from China. This is today’s GREAT MULTITUDE OF IMPOTENT FOLK. They are helpless, and in most cases, hopeless because they have NO MAN who is willing to leave his comfort zone, take a risk, and bring the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to them!

THIS IS THE 1040 WINDOW! Unreached people groups_1

The numbers are staggering and the needs are sobering in the 69 different nations that comprise the 1040 Window. May God help us to hear the words, “I HAVE NO MAN” with a sense of urgency. May God help us to hear the Macedonian Cry, “Come over … and help us” [Acts 16:10].

Who Really Cares?

Do we care enough to hear the cries of those who are lost without Christ? Are we committed enough to leave our comfort and convenience to bring the healing waters, not of Bethesda, but of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Just reflecting on the red letters of Jesus!!!

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