My Kingdom is Not of this World

Christ's kingdom-1“My kingdom is not of this world …” (John 18:36)

Just seven simple words, but a boatload of truth found right there. Surely, worth pondering!

God’s people are a part of a new kingdom. They have a new King. His name is Jesus! They have a whole new  set  of  laws (beginning with the law of love). They have an entirely new way of living. In fact, they have an entirely new purpose for living. They live for their King’s glory and for the good of those who are a part of the kingdom of God and for those who are yet to experience the new birth, which enables them to become a part of the kingdom as adopted sons and daughters of the King!

Old things have passed away and all things have become new. While they may be traveling through the kingdom of darkness, it is not their home. They are pilgrims and strangers. They are not to become to comfortable, nor are they to become complacent in this world while on their journey with Jesus. They are ambassadors for Christ and His kingdom. They are to be a light in the midst of this darkness.  God’s people are to be an “offensive force” pushing back the darkness with the word of God in the will of God.

Does that sound like the life that you are living? If not, it might be time to make a few changes! 

Just reflecting on those red letters of Jesus!


“The kingdom of God is a radical rejection of every value or point of view that keeps people in bondage to untruth and blinded to God’s mercy!”

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