Who Are You Following?

Follow Me_Twitter“Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art His disciple; but we are Moses’ disciples” (John 9:28).

I have quite a few that have asked me, “Where are the daily devotionals?” Seriously, the Internet issue along with the hectic schedule have made it very difficult to get things transferred from my journal and/or my Instagram Post, which I am able to do via my I-phone.  I know, NO EXCUSES!!!

We have just completed the Missions’ Revival at Pacific Baptist Church in Long Beach and Monterey Park, as well as the Intensive at the College. It went great. Thank you for praying!!!

In this day of Social Media madness, everyone is concerned with who is following them and who they are following. When you think about it, things really haven’t changed much for the past 2,000 years

Concerning the words above, for the past 2,000 years this has been an issue. Often a huge and divisive issue! No doubt, an issue that has broken the heart of our God! While we have been called to follow Jesus, and be His disciples, we are constantly looking for men to hang on to, and claiming to be followers of someone else other than Jesus. Some claim Calvin, others claim Luther. Some claim Wesley and others claim Booth, Spurgeon, an/or a more contemporary “leader” of more recent days.

While these were all good and godly men, and we can thank God for them, our call is to follow Jesus! This was the call to His first disciples 2,000 years ago and it is our call today!

Today, there is no greater joy than Follow Meto be called a follower or disciple of Jesus. At the same time, with all of the different “camps” in Christianity today, there is also no greater challenge!

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