“Follow Me” Regardless of Circumstances and Consequences

Follow Me-1” … Follow Me” – John 21:19

After Peter denied Christ, and along with the other disciples fled when our Lord was being unjustly tried, and went back to “fishing” (a picture of his old life), we find our Lord returning to restore Peter’s relationship with Him, as well as prepare him for his future ministry and eventual martyrdom.

Jesus asks Peter three times, “Peter do you love Me?” On the first of the three, Jesus asks Peter do you love “me more than these.” Nobody knows for sure who or what Jesus was referring to when He asked, “Do you love Me more than these?” Was it the fishing boat and fishing gear? Was it the other disciples? Nobody knows!  At the same time the lesson to be learned is simple: We are to love Jesus more than anyone or anything!

Our lives are filled with distractions, disappointments, discouragements, distress, and detours, but our love for the Lord Jesus must remain steady, and if it does, regardless of present circumstances, and possible future consequences, everything will eventually pan out for God’s glory and for our good, and for the good of others.

But how can we best show our love for Jesus?

The best way to show our love for Christ is by following Him wherever He might lead in spite of our present circumstances and/or the future consequences.

Just reflecting on those red letters of Jesus!!!

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