So Soon Removed from Jesus

Grace-1“I marvel that ye are so soon removed FROM HIM that called you into the GRACE OF CHRIST unto another Gospel” (Galatians 1:6).

For the last 2,000 years, the people of God have struggled with many things, but very few more so than this matter of grace. The Galatians, who Paul is writing to, were a saved people. They were a people, much like you and me. They were a people who tended to dwell more on rules and regulations than on the Redeemer and his redemption.

Have you ever found yourself in the shoes of the Galatians? I have! To be honest with you, I struggle with this on almost a daily basis.

We are saved by God’s grace. We are to surrender our lives in God’s grace. Our service FOR HIM should flow from God’s grace. Living for, and loving Jesus is what life is all about. A heart that loves Jesus should spring from gratitude for His love for, and grace towards us.

We are so prone to drift from the grace of God and the God of grace. It is in our nature to do so! When we do so, we immediately replace Jesus with someone or something. This has been the trend of God’s people from the earliest of times [Jeremiah 2:13; Luke 10:38-42; Revelation 2:1-5].

Unfortunately, many times the someone or something is a “good thing,” it’s just not God!


Just taking a few moments to reflect upon God’s goodness and God’s grace!!!!

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