Walking on the Road to Emmaus

Emmaus Road“And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures THE THINGS CONCERNING HIMSELF. … And their eyes were opened, and they knew him. … And they said one to another, Did not OUR HEARTS BURN WITHIN US, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?” (Luke 24:27, 31, 32).

Like these two disciples (more than likely Cleopas and his wife Mary), as well as the other disciples of Jesus, we often misread, misunderstand, and misinterpret God’s purpose and because of it, we often become discouraged, disillusioned, disheartened, disappointed, and defeated. Like Peter, we decide to go back “fishing,” or like these two disciples we just pick up our marbles and decide to go home. When we do so, we need a personal revival that will bring our hearts back to Jesus [Psalm 85:6]!

Has your heart become cold and calloused?

There is nothing quite as important as traveling down the road of life and having Jesus with us. There’s nothing as essential as having Jesus walk with us and talk with us, and “opening up the scriptures” for us [Psalm 119:18]. When the scriptures are truly opened to us the result will always be that Christ is revealed to us in a greater and more intimate way, our eyes are opened, not only to the principles of God, but also to the purpose of God in our world, and our hearts will begin to “burn” for him and his purpose in the world!

Do you feel a bit defeated today? Are you discouraged today? Are you disappointed in how things are turning out in your life and ministry? Have you become disillusioned with life itself? Are you walking on the road to Emmaus?

I have some really good news for you. Jesus is on the road with you. You may not recognize him at first. You may not understand all that is going on in your life and all that is going on around you. But if you’ll just keep walking and allowing Him to have His way with you, your eyes will be opened, your heart will be warmed, and above all, you’ll get to know Jesus better. For most, the road to Emmaus is a discouraging journey, but it is on this road where Jesus can be found and revival can be had!

It’s on the Road to Emmaus that we find that it is, and always has been about Jesus!!!

Those early disciples were discouraged because it appeared to them that God’s hand had been removed from their lives. It hadn’t, but that was the impression that they had concerning what was going on. When it appears that God’s hand has been removed, it is at that very moment we have the opportunity to seek God’s face. I read these powerful words recently:

“Worship-based prayer seeks the face of God before the hand of God. God’s face is the essence of who PrayerHe is. God’s hand is the blessing of what He does. God’s face represents His person and presence. God’s hand expresses His provision for needs in our lives. I have learned that if all that we ever do is seek God’s hand, we may miss His face; but if we seek His face, He will be glad to open His hand and satisfy the deepest desires of our hearts.”

Just reflecting on the lonely walk on the Road to Emmaus!!!

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