Answering the Call

The Call -1“And he (Jesus) saith unto them, FOLLOW ME, and I will make you fishers of men. And they (Peter and Andrew) straightway (immediately) left their nets, and FOLLOWED HIM” – MATTHEW 4:18-19

It never ceases to amaze me that Peter and Andrew, and a few verses later James and John, left everything to FOLLOW JESUS.

They left their fathers, their families, the future ambitions, their financial security, their friends, and everything that was familiar to them to FOLLOW JESUS. And to make matters worse, they had absolutely no idea where he was leading them, nor what the future consequences would be. Three of the four would become martyrs for their faith. John would die imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos.


The call to missions -3The past few days I have been reading a great book called “Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places.” It is written by a single young lady serving in, of all places, Afghanistan. It is a powerful book. Knowing that many of you who will read this blog have in the past, or are even today pondering the call to the mission field, I thought I would share a few words from the book:

In America, we have churches in every community, Bibles in every bookstore, and teachings on every TV. We have easy Internet access and with it teachings of every kind. Afghans don’t have any of these things. Most will only encounter a fragment of Scripture if someone carrying Scripture in their stories or their bag walks among them. And this is another reason God calls us to dangerous dangerous places. After all, ‘How can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?’ Why does God call us to dangerous places? Because we can’t touch people, heal their bodies, hand them a book, or worship and pray with them from 7,400 miles away. Love and truth takes on flesh and walks the earth, and He does so within us. We who go, fragile, stumbling human beings, each recognized an invitation to walk with Christ in a dangerous place and responded, trusting the One leading us.

For those of us who sense the call, our role is to walk this part of the journey with Christ, trusting He is leading us along the way. … But the most important work was what Christ was doing within me. In many ways, He was stripping away my idealistic dreams, false motivations, and my own sense of control and self-determination. He was developing within me a deeper sensitivity to His Spirit’s gentle leading. He was also filling my pockets with gifts, most of which I didn’t recognize until I faced situations on the field that required the treasures He’d given me along the way. … For those of us, including myself, who prefer well-articulated plans, such journeys with Christ can leave us full of questions and doubts. Yet it’s in these places of disappointment where we develop patience, obedience, and a deepening sensitivity to God’s Spirit. … When Christ calls us to walk with Him in a dangerous place, our responsibility is to respond with our hands and hearts open to wherever He leads us. …

I didn’t know where the journey would lead me. None of us do. And once again, I recall James and John, two fishermen who left their nets to follow Jesus.  They had no idea where their journey with Jesus would take them and, in fact, carried expectations that would not be realized.  Still, they followed.

— McCord, Kate (2015-08-14). Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places 

Just reflecting on the call!!!The call to missions -2

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