What If

Life as a Mission -1“For David AFTER HE HAD SERVED HIS OWN GENERATION by the will of God, fell asleep, and was laid unto his fathers …” (Acts 13:36).

God has a purpose and plan for each and everyone of us IN THIS GENERATION. Quit talking about the “good old days,” and quit dreaming about tomorrow at the neglect of living for today!

God has something for you to do today. As Nike used to say, “JUST DO IT!”

Find it, follow it, and finish it for the glory of God and for the good of others. 
God has entrusted all of us with natural talents, spiritual gifts, and material resources to be used in our service for this generation. Life as a Mission -2

Be a good steward of what God has entrusted to you.


Read these words just this morning on Instagram:

What if we treated life like a mission trip?

  • WHAT IF we lived with our “how can we insert the greatness of Jesus into this conversation with a total stranger” radars on at all times so that a trip to the grocery or the park or the post office becomes a trip to the white fields Jesus wants to harvest?

  • WHAT IF we re-calibrated our minds to be flexible and give grace regardless of our emotions or circumstances or geographical locations?

  • WHAT IF we treated our brothers and sisters in Christ like we were part of one team on mission?

  • WHAT IF we prayed for that team as well as the people around us with the compassionate lens of understanding how we’re interlinked and knit together?

  • WHAT IF we studied and researched those around us to discover what they need and how the gospel is good news to them and then did something about it?

  • WHAT IF we actively leveraged our lips, lives, talents, giftings and abilities for the sake of making God’s name famous where we live?

  • WHAT IF we sought to redeem the time in our own city like we do when we’re overseas, strategically filling our days with ministry opportunity after ministry opportunity?

  • WHAT IF we didn’t get lazy when our plane touched down on safe soil but instead kicked up the intensity to love and serve the nationals (and internationals) in our neighborhood the way Christ loved and served us?

  • WHAT IF we stopped viewing life and the days that fill it as “ours” and saw them as gifts from the Lord to make much of Him?

If we think about it, once God saves us, our whole life becomes a mission trip. We now have a Divine team leader who has organized our days and leads us to go and make disciples, trudging through the mundane and the magical and the messy for one purpose: to glorify the One who tasted death for every man.
 As I heard one missionary say: “Living on mission should never be confined to a trip.” @imb_women

Life's PurposeLife is far too short to just waste. Find, follow and finish the purpose of God for your life in this generation. Find a mountain to climb, an ocean to cross, and above all, a people to reach, and then just forget the past, and reach out and touch someone.


Just reflecting on my place in this generation!!!

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