Flee from Idolatry

Idols -1“Wherefore, my dearly beloved, FLEE FROM IDOLATRY” (1 Corinthians 10:14).

It has been said that the human heart is an “idol-making factory.” Oh, how true a statement is this? It is good to remember that every culture, including ours, has it’s own set of “gods” or “idols!”

  • An “idol” is simply ANYONE or ANYTHING that has taken the place in my heart that has been reserved for Christ and Christ alone. 

  • An “idol” is ANYONE or ANYTHING that keeps Christ from being the Preeminent One in my life and forcing Him to simply a “prominent status.”
  • An “idol” is ANYONE or ANYTHING that becomes “important,” too “important,” in our life as we gradually find ourselves drifting from God ( see Jeremiah 2:13).
  • An “idol” is ANYONE or ANYTHING that comes between my loving and serving Christ wholeheartedly! 

It is the “idols” or our culture, such as comfort and convenience, which often keep the people of God from surrendering to the purpose of God for their lives!

Funny thing about idols and idolatry. It’s always much easier to see the idols in another man’s life and another man’s culture than it is to see the “idols” in our own life and our own culture, even when the “idols” staring us in the face. 

Idols-2Oh Lord, reveal to me the “idols” that I have manufactured in my heart, whether they be family, friends, finances, fame, familiarity, fun, or whatever!

Just taking a moment to reflect on Paul’s words!

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