Brussels, Now What?

Brussels-1 8:28,  And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

There are times when we even the best of us struggle some with even our most well-known and trusted passages of scriptures. It is during these times that we simply trust that what God said is true in spite of our present circumstances.

Of course, one of these passages is Romans 8:28!

As we all know, not all things that come into our lives are good, but if we love God and are called according to his purpose, he will make something good out of even the worst of situations.

Now, concerning Brussels!

Brussels -2The most recent terrorist attack on European soil, this time in Brussels, is another reminder of the turbulent times in which we live. With over thirty dead, hundreds wounded, an entire nation, actually an entire world, in shock, and ISIS claiming to be responsible (though it appears they may not have been responsible), our prayers go out to the precious people of Brussels.

Earlier yesterday, I tweeted and posted on Instagram the following words, “Praying for the dear people in Brussels, for the churches of Christ to respond appropriately and with compassion, and for God to move mightily in Europe once again.”

After praying for the dear people of Brussels, for the churches to respond appropriately and with compassion, and for God to move mightily, the next two thoughts that should come to our mind are, “Lord, what lessons can be learned from this tragedy?” and “Lord, in light of this tragedy, what do you want me to do?”

A few of the many lessons that can be learned (I will try to stay away from the political challenges of the moment), at least for now! 🙂

  1. Regardless of the circumstances and consequences, we must keep in mind that our God is Sovereign. Nothing catches God by surprise!
  2. Romans 8:28 is still in the Bible. While what took place in Paris a few months back and Brussels yesterday is NOT GOOD, it’s evil, God can and if we love him and allow him to do so, will work it out for the good!
  3. Slowly but surely, the comfort and the convenience of the West is being threatened. In other words, as Dorothy on the Wizard of Oz once said, “We aren’t in Kansas anymore.” But that’s okay! Biblically speaking we weren’t promised “comfort” and “convenience.” The American Dream wasn’t ever a concept that followers of Jesus Christ should have bought into in the first place!
  4. It is surely high time that we recognize that life is short, as James said, it’s like a vapor, here today, gone tomorrow and live like we really believe it!

There are other lessons that could be considered, but these should suffice for the moment!

Now we ask ourselves, “Lord, in light of this tragedy, what do you want me to do?”

  1. Of course, God surely wants us to pray. He wants us to pray for the victims’ families. He wants us to pray for the crisis that is happening in Europe. But he also wants us to pray for the perpetrators of these evil acts of violence, as well as the ones who even this very moment may be planning the next attack [Matthew 5:44-48]!
  2. Is it possible that God might want us to do more than pray? Could he want to use this tragedy as an impetus to cause us to get things right with him? Possibly he wants us to give? Or how about this, maybe he wants us to go?

The unreached peoples of the 1040 Window are coming to Europe by the droves and someone needs to reach them with the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

Recently, a missions “expert” retweeted the tweet of another missions “expert” who said, “If I had 1,000 new missionaries, I would send 800 to Europe and 200 to the 1040 Window.” This is surely different than what the “experts” have been saying for awhile now.

Why the change of tone?

Migration-1Could it be because in the past year over one million refugees have migrated to the European continent?

The vast majority of these are from the 1040 Window. Most of them are from Syria (400,000), Afghanistan (200,000), and Iraq (125,000).

Migration-2The vast majority of these people are lost, they have never heard the gospel, and in many cases, have never heard the name of our Lord. Add to that the fact that they are hurting, in transition, and will be far more open to the gospel than they had been in the confines of a “restricted” and in some cases, “closed” 1040 Window, it makes sense to start sending missionaries back into Europe!

Of course, regardless of what the “expert” tweeted, the greatest need is still in the 1040 Window.

No doubt, God is opening doors of opportunity by bringing many from the 1040 Window to the West!

Will someone walk through the open door?

“What is it going to take for the concept of unreached people to become totally intolerable to us the church?”

Just reflecting on Brussels, Europe, and the vast multitudes of lost people in, or from, the 1040 Window!An eye for the harvest

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