Save Thyself

The Cross“SAVE THYSELF, and come down from the cross” (Mark 15:30).

As we all know, God’s purpose for Christ was the cross. God’s ordained that Jesus give his life as a sacrifice for your sins and mine.

It is good for us to keep in mind that no man took his life, Jesus laid it down willingly. He did so in order to please the Father and to redeem mankind. Aren’t you glad he didn’t choose to “SAVE HIMSELF” and come down from the cross? He could have. He could have called upon legions of angels to deliver him from his dilemma.

But he didn’t and neither should we!

Jesus left the glories of heaven to come to a different culture and was surrounded by people who were different than them. He loved them. He fed them. He healed them. He taught them. most of them turned on Jesus and they crucified him. And, what did Jesus do? He forgave them!

While our cross is not the same as Jesus’ cross was, we all have a cross to bear for the Father’s pleasure and to help in this matter of the deliverance of men, women, and children from the grip of satanic bondage.

“If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. For whosoever shall SAVE HIS LIFE shall lose it: but whosoever shall LOSE HIS LIFE for My sake shall save it” (Luke 9:23-24).

Those who choose to SAVE THEMSELVES will find it difficult to do anything that will lead to sacrifice and possible suffering and thus forfeiting opportunities to be used for God’s pleasure and for the benefit of others as God has ordained! I am going to step out on the limb here. I sincerely believe that most of our internal problems in our homes and our churches, as well as the lack of harvest work being done, especially in the hard places of the world (i.e. 1040 window) can be traced back to the fact that we are …


We choose to live lives that are comfortable, convenient, and in all reality crafted to suit us, rather than dying to self and selfish ambitions. In other words, whether we want to admit it or not, we are all about, well you know, “ME!” As one author noted,

“Many of us are drunk right now, intoxicated with a desire to be respected, honored, and widely known. And yet this intoxication derails our ability to give God the respect, honor, and renown that He so rightly deserves. … The trouble with you and me and the rest of humanity is not that we lack self-confidence (as we’re told by the world) but that we have far too much self-importance. The thought of being just another of the roughly one hundred billion people to have ever graced this planet offends us— whether we realize it or not. We have such a high opinion of ourselves that to live and die unnoticed seems a grave injustice. … Pride is one of the last holdouts as the Spirit transforms the believer, crucifying our flesh and uniting our hearts with Christ. Of course, it will go, once and for all (praise God!), when we are raised through Christ into immortality. But if we are to submit our lives to God in this life, allowing Him to dictate the course of our pursuits, we must wage a continual battle. His Word is clear on the matter.”

While the Spirit of God bids us to our deny ourselves, pick up our cross, and follow Jesus,  the world beckons us to “SAVE THYSELF.”  While the scriptures admonish us to come and die, the world, our flesh, and the devil cry out to us all, “SAVE THYSELF” and come down from the cross.”

The cross-2The question is, “Will we?”

Just reflecting!


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