Little Risk, Little Reward

Risk -1“By faith Abraham … obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went” (Hebrews 11:9).

I just returned from my fourth trip to the country of China in the past six months. There’s a really good chance my wife and I will be relocating there in the near future for “the sake of the Gospel.”  Sounds a bit RISKY to some, especially at our ages. And to be honest with you, at times, it sounds a bit RISKY to us too!

We took a huge RISK leaving the States after almost 30 years in the ministry in the confines of America, and the last 18 years serving alongside my brother Pastor Joe Esposito in a tremendous church. We took a great RISK spending the first 17 months in a “Restricted Access” nation. As a matter of fact, it was a  bit of a RISK to spend the past close to 20 months in the country of Cambodia.

Risks -4Our journey with Jesus is a journey of faith. If we are going to BE the people He desires for us to BE and if we are going to DO the things He has called us to DO we are going to have to step out in FAITH. And faith can best be spelled R-I-S-K. Where there is LITTLE RISK, there is LITTLE FAITH. Where there is NO RISK, there is NO FAITH!

Risk 3If you read Hebrews chapter 11 – 12:3, you will see that our FAITH is best revealed by the CHOICES that make; the OBEDIENCE that we exhibit; the SACRIFICES that we offer; the RISKS that we take; and the CONSEQUENCES that we are willing to suffer for Christ and the cause of Christ!

What are you willing to RISK for the cause of Christ?

Just reflecting on the life of faith!!!

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