Let Your Light So Shine

shine“Let your light SO SHINE before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16)

Reading the Beatitudes [Matthew 5:3-12] this morning was, once again, a good reminder of how far from biblical Christianity we have drifted in the day in which we live.

In all actuality,  a good reminder of how far I have drifted from what Jesus really desires for me to be in this day and age!

We often talk about being a “light” in this dark world. We often preach, teach, and even sing about “shining brightly” for Christ. Yet, when you read the verses above, they must be read in their context. We can’t “shine brightly” if we aren’t willing to allow the following virtues to be a part of our life:  “poor in spirit (humility)” “mourning,” “meekness,” “hungering and thirsting after righteousness” (and after the Righteous One), “merciful,” “purity of heart,” “peacemaker,” and “rejoicing in persecution.”

Is this not a far cry from what we see today!

Really hard to be the “light” Jesus desires that we should be in this dark and decrepit world, if we aren’t willing to submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus and saturate ourselves with His teachings, beginning with the Beatitudes!

Just reflecting!

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