Passionate Men are not Bored Men

boredom-1“Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, HIS SPIRIT WAS STIRRED WITHIN HIM, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry” (Acts 17:16).

Everyone of us is STIRRED by someone or something. We are all consumed with someone or something. If not, we are bored. Have you ever heard anyone say, or have you ever said, “I’m bored?” One man who definitely did not live a boring life was the apostle Paul. Far from it. Paul was a passionate man and his life was an adventure.

It has often been said, “WHAT CONSUMES US CONTROLS US!”

For the apostle Paul, the consuming passion or passions in his life, were the glory of God, the lostness of man, and the idolatry that people had turned to rather than turning to the living God. These are the things that STIRRED PAUL”S HEART!

What is it that stirs our heart today?

What STIRRED PAUL’S HEART inspired him to surrender, sacrifice, and serve for the glory of God and the good of a lost and dying world.

PAUL WAS NOT STIRRED ABOUT SELFISH THINGS, BUT SELFLESS THINGS. In other words, God and others. And because of this, Paul lived a radical, adventurous life. And, so can we and so should we! As one author noted:

If you would describe your relationship with God as anything less than adventurous, then maybe you think you’re following the Spirit but have actually settled for something less— something I call inverted Christianity. Instead of following the Spirit, we invite the Spirit to follow us. Instead of serving God’s purposes, we want Him to serve our purposes. And while this may seem like a subtle distinction, it makes an ocean of difference. The result of this inverted relationship with God is not just a self-absorbed spirituality that leaves us feeling empty, it’s also the difference between spiritual boredom and spiritual adventure.

boredom-2Just reflecting!!!

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