The Secret of Fruitfulness

secret-of-fruitfulness“But rise, and stand upon thy feet; for I have appeared unto thee for THIS PURPOSE, to make thee a minister (to serve) and a witness (to share) … Whereupon, O king Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision” (Acts 26:16, 19).

Over the past few days, while reading in the Book of Acts in general and about the life and ministry of Paul more specifically, as always, I stand in awe of the man we know as Paul. Something about Paul, that’s for sure!

Paul’s many trials as a Christian, including the many he suffered during his three missionary journeys, and the literal “trials” on the way to Rome where he would eventually be martyred, all had a two-fold purpose:

(1) Conform him into the likeness of Jesus,

(2) Create opportunities for him to fulfill God’s purpose for his life and ministry.

The secret to Paul’s fruitfulness was his faithfulness!

Are you going through a trial today? This is no random suffering, but the purpose of God for your life and ministry. God is doing something.

Like Paul, regardless of what comes your way, just stay faithful and the fruit is bound to come!

Paul found, followed, and finished the purpose of God for his life with passion and persistence in spite of numerous trials, troubles, problems, and pains. Shouldn’t we?


Just reflecting!frutifulness

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