Doubting God

doubt-1Art thou he that should come? Or look we for another? (Luke 7:19).

John the Baptist was one of the greatest of all Bible characters. He stood against the evils of his time. He stood against the religious elite of his day. He even stood against the evils of the king, which eventually would cost him his life. John was the forerunner of Christ. He was even related to Jesus. And Jesus called John the greatest man born of woman. Not a bad compliment to receive from the eternal Son of God!

In spite of all of this, when John was imprisoned (and Jesus didn’t come help him), of all things, and of all people, John  the Baptist DOUBTED GOD! 

At times, even the “best of us,” the most mature of us, and even the most spiritual of us, DOUBT GOD. That’s a fact my friend. When trials and troubles come our way; when disappointment and discouragement sets in, we have a tendency to DOUBT GOD.

If you are DOUBTING GOD today, don’t sweat it, you’re in good company. Abraham DOUBTED GOD. Moses DOUBTED GOD. Jeremiah DOUBTED GOD. John the Baptist DOUBTED GOD. The disciples DOUBTED GOD. These and many others like them, DOUBTED GOD, but they did not DEPART FROM GOD!

And yes, there is a huge difference!!!

If you are DOUBTING GOD today, hang in there, don’t quit. It won’t be long before God moves in the midst of your circumstances, no matter how difficult they may seem, and shows Himself strong!

Just reflecting!!!

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