Stopping Short

img_0939“… and bring us not over Jordan” (Numbers 32:5).

For the tribes of Israel, crossing the Jordan River is a picture of TOTAL SURRENDER TO THE WILL OF GOD.

After spending 40 years in the wilderness you would think everybody would be ready to cross the Jordan River and experience the joys of God’s abundant blessing in the land of Canaan. But such was not the case. The tribes of Rueben, Gad and Manesseh, specifically asked NOT to be brought into the land of Canaan. They chose not to cross the Jordan River.

How can this possibly be? Why would these tribes choose to stay on the wrong side of the Jordan?

Here it is in a nutshell: They had become “comfortable” in the wilderness. How is this possible you might ask?  Apparently, they had experienced some blessing and prosperity on the wrong side of the Jordan and they saw it as a great place to “settle down.”  [see Numbers 32:1].

Whether we like to admit it or not, we can become comfortable anywhere, even on the wrong side of the Jordan River-the place of surrender for our lives!

Unfortunately, much like the tribes of Ruben and Gad, we often STOP SHORT of BECOMING who God desires us to BECOME; DOING what God desires for us to DO; and, even GOING where God desires us to GO.

At times, we let family, friends, fellow laborers, future ambitions, financial security, and/or fear, keep us from crossing our Jordan River, and we settle for a GOOD PATH, rather than a GOD’S PATH for our life!!!

Far too often, we tend to STOP SHORT and we tend to SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST!!!

O Lord, help us not to STOP SHORT and SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST! 

Just reflecting!!!

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