The Land

river“Turn you, and take your journey … Behold, I have set THE LAND before you: go in and possess THE LAND … Behold, the Lord thy God hath set THE LAND before thee: go up and possess it … fear not, neither be discouraged” (DEU 1:7-8, 21). 

“Ye have compassed this mountain long enough: turn you northward” (DEU 2:3).

God has a “LAND” for all of us to possess and claim for His glory and for the good of others. We can choose to either cross the Jordan River (surrender) and claim the land for God or we can settle for wandering in the wilderness on the other side of the Jordan. As we choose to seek with passion the Person of Christ, with faith the purpose of Christ for our lives,  and surrender ourselves to do it, we can expect to become a fruitful people!

Unfortunately, we often become comfortable right where we are, even if it’s in the wilderness [Numbers 32], or we become fearful of what lies before us, and and because of this, we come short of “going all the way” for God and entering “THE LAND” He had set before us!

There’s a time to compass or dwell in the mount of God’s presence, but there’s also a time to go forward unto God’s purpose!

On our journey with Jesus there will always be mountains to climb, rivers to cross, giants to slay, obstacles to overcome, and opportunities to seize, may God help us to claim THE LAND” for His glory!

O Lord, help us to see “THE LAND” as your gift to us and our willingness to enter the”THE LAND” as our gift to You!

Just reflecting on the land!!!

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