Consumed with a Cause

Purpose 1“Paul purposed in the spirit … to GO TO JERUSALEM, saying, After I have been there I MUST ALSO SEE ROME” (Acts 19:21).

Whether reading the four Gospels and following the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus or reading the Book of Acts and following the life and ministry of the apostle Paul; one thing is evident-very evident.

Jesus and the apostle Paul, as with Peter, James, John, and the others, all lived lives that were consumed with a cause. They lived lives on purpose and with a purpose!

Paul was a man who LIVED A LIFE OF PURPOSE and LIVED LIFE ON PURPOSE. Where Paul went and what Paul did was on PURPOSE. He lived his life with His eyes on the Person of Christ and his feet following the pathway of Christ for his life. Paul lived his life with a cause and that cause was to get the Gospel to those who had little, if any, chance to hear it!

And, so should we!

It has often been said that what CONSUMES US CONTROLS US. If that be true, and I believe it is, What are you consumed with today?

Far too many of us are CONSUMED with the wrong desires, the wrong dreams, therefore we are heading in the wrong direction, and will end up in the wrong destination!!!


“Visions are born in the soul of a man or woman who is CONSUMED with the tension between what is and what could (or should) be. … Vision often begins with the inability to accept things the way they are. … Vision requires someone to champion the cause. For a vision to become a reality, someone must put his or her neck on the line. Vision requires visionaries, people who allow their minds and hearts to wander outside the ARTIFICIAL BOUNDARIES imposed by the world (or the church) as it is. A vision requires an individual who has the courage to act on an idea.”

“Where there is NO VISION the people perish …” (PRO 29:18).

Purpose 2

O Lord, help me to be consumed with a cause. Help me to have a passion for the Person of Christ and for the purpose of Christ in the world today. Help me to be focused on that which You have purposed for my life and ministry!

Just reflecting!!!

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