The Wilderness

wilderness 2And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from the Jordan, and was LED BY THE SPIRIT INTO THE WILDERNESS” [LK 4:1].

The “wilderness” is an interesting study in the Bible. The word “wilderness” is found over 300 times in the Holy Scripture. And on many other occasions the Hebrew word for “wilderness” is found but translated differently (i.e. “backside of the desert” in EXO 3).

Some of the most notable biblical events in both the Old Testament and the New Testament took place in “the wilderness.”

  • Moses spent forty years as a shepherd in “the wilderness.”
  • Moses was called by God to be a deliverer of God’s people in “the wilderness.”
  • Because of their unbelief, God’s OT people spent forty years in “the wilderness.”
  • John the Baptist did his preaching in “the wilderness.”
  • Jesus was baptized in “the wilderness.”
  • Jesus spent forty days being tempted and tested in “the wilderness.”
  • Jesus often withdrew himself to “the wilderness” to be alone with the Father.
  • In the Book of Revelation we find the church fleeing to “the wilderness.”

At times, we find ourselves in “the wilderness” because of our sin and unbelief, at other times, we find ourselves in “the wilderness” because of circumstances totally out of our control, and there are times that we find ourselves in the wilderness because God wants to prove and prepare us for the future He has planned for us [DEU 8:1-3]!

Seldom is the “wilderness” a comfortable place. But if we are going to become the men and women God intended for us to become the “wilderness” experience is a necessity!

Yes, there are times, when the Spirit of God leads the people of God into the wilderness Wilderness 1today to prepare them for tomorrow [LK 4:1-13]!

O Lord, help us to recognize what You are doing in our life while in the wilderness!

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