Resurrection Day, Every Day

Easter 1“If ye then be risen with Christ (great passage to read today), SEEK THOSE THINGS WHICH ARE ABOVE, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. SET YOUR AFFECTION ON THINGS ABOVE, not on things in the earth. For ye are dead, and your life is His with Christ in God” (COL 3:1-2).

Yesterday, we celebrated Easter or Resurrection Sunday! On this day, we take time to reflect on the truth that Jesus has risen from the dead. We are reminded that, as the people of God, we are not simply following dead religious rituals, or principles from the past. WE ARE FOLLOWING A RISEN SAVIOR!   

Easter 2We are also reminded that no one and nothing can keep the Presence and power of God from fulfilling the Father’s purpose and plan for our lives and for our world today!

Reading Colossians 3, on Resurrection Sunday, I was also reminded that it isn’t only Christ who has risen from the dead, but I am also risen with Christ. Therefore, I should set my attention, affection, and adoration on things above, and not on the things this world offers!

O Lord, help us to live, love, and serve in this world like a people risen from the dead!

Just reflecting!!! 

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