A Source of True Change

Prayer 2“And as He prayed, the fashion of His countenance was altered …” (LK 9:29).

When one reads the Gospels, he finds many things about the Lord Jesus. How He lived? How He loved? How He served? What he taught? And, how He taught it? :^)

One thing that is really hard to miss when we read the Gospels is that our Lord Jesus was a man of prayer. Jesus prayed all the time. He prayed in the morning. He prayed in the evening. He prayed during the good times, and yes, He prayed during the bad times!

Jesus prayed constantly and consistently, and so should we!

I love what one author noted about the importance of prayer:

I often wonder what would transpire if every Christ-follower got serious about installing solid prayer practices into their lives. What kind of kingdom gains do you suppose would be made if each of us made pressing into God through prayer a nonnegotiable part of our everyday experience? I believe hearts would soften. Habits would shift. Faith would expand. Love for the poor would increase. Positive, purposeful legacies would be built. And a ravenous hunger would rumble through us all to get usable and to get used in significant ways by the one true God. We can make this happen in our lifetime, friend. And it all starts with learning, and loving, to pray.

That’s one of my favorite quotes on the topic of prayer. Another author wrote:

Every time I set my face to seeking God in a fresh way, God begins to change my heart, my mind, my preaching, and my leadership skills. When any believer commits his or her heart to seeking the Lord, everything is going to change.

The passage above-when we find Jesus and a few of his disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration –is a really good reminder that a time of sincere, Spirit-led prayer may not always CHANGE OUR CIRCUMSTANCES, but a sincere time of Spirit-led prayer always CHANGES US!

Prayer -1And, I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of changes that I need in my life, so it might not be a bad idea to pray more!

Just reflecting!

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