O Wretched Man that I Am

Paul“O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” (ROM 7:24)

Paul wrote these words from the City of Corinth approximately 25 years after his dramatic salvation experience on the road to Damascus. Most commentators believe these words were written just prior to his leaving for his third and final missionary journey.

At the time of his writing these words, Paul has been saved and serving for many years. He has won many to Christ. He has discipled many in their faith. He has led missions teams into the great harvest fields. He has planted and established many churches. He has written holy scripture. Yet, Paul understood something we often tend to forget. Other than God’s grace, there was absolutely NOTHING GOOD in him.


As I read these words this morning, this thought came to my mind: If I see myself as anything more than a “wretched man” today, regardless of how long I have been saved and serving, I have either reached heights that Paul had yet to reach when he wrote these words. Or, I have become extremely proud!


It has been said that pride is the last stronghold of the enemy in the life of a “committed” Christian. Our adversary may fail in many areas when it comes to “tripping us up,” but, if we were to be honest this morning, this strategy (causing us to become proud) has been used very effectively in our lives and ministries often!

“The call to humility has been too little regarded in the Church because its true nature and importance has been too little apprehended.” – Andrew Murray

O Lord, help me to see myself accurately in the light of Your word. Keep me humble, hungry, and holy for Your glory!


2 thoughts on “O Wretched Man that I Am

  1. Amen Brother! Just preached on the same subject last night. We seem to forget that pride is listed amongst God’s abominations….among the vilest of sins!


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