God’s Purpose for My Life

Purpose 1.jpg“I have glorified Thee on the earth: I have finished THE WORK which Thou gavest Me to do”  (Jn 17:4).

“My kingdom is not of this world … And for THIS CAUSE came I into the world, that I should bear witness unto the truth” (JN 18:36-37).

As I read these words this morning, on the 41st anniversary of my salvation, I had to ask myself these three questions:

  • Am I as passionate about BRINGING GLORY TO GOD today, as I was in the past?”
  • Am I as passionate about FINISHING THE WORK GOD HAS GIVEN ME today, as I was in the past?
  • Am I as passionate about PROCLAIMING THE TRUTH found in God’s Word today, as I was in the past?

Purpose 2Our Lord Jesus lived for one thing and one thing only – to glorify His Father!

And because He did so, His life had purpose, He was focused upon that purpose, and He was faithful to that purpose.

Our Lord Jesus clearly understood His purpose, and this was His passion in life!

How about us today?

A Few Questions Worth Pondering Today:

  • Is finding, following, and finishing the work that God has for us the great passion and pursuit of our life?
  • Are we becoming entangled with the things of this world?
  • Can we honestly say that we are more devoted to the cause of Christ and the Christ of the cause today than we have ever been?
  • Has the fire that once burned within our hearts for Christ and the cause of Christ dwindled?

Purpose 3O Lord, on this very special day, I beg You to help me to remain faithful and fruitful in the call and cause of Christ for my life and in this world! 

Just Reflecting!

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